Born and raised in Bedford, England, I attended Polam Primary School and Bedford Modern School. After completing my A-Levels in 2007 I began pursuing work in the field of sound. I have 8 years experience in recording audio and have previous experience in live sound (both live music and theatre). I recorded and produced my first EP with local metal heroes, Ex Nihilo from Shefford in the Summer of 2008. I then enrolled at Leeds College of Music during September 2008 to study BA (Hons) Music Production and graduated in July 2012 with a first class honours degree.

Like many other musicians I first became interested in music production when I wanted to record my own music. As a guitarist I was fascinated in achieving a massive guitar sound with the right guitar, pickups, effect pedals and amplifier. This search continued into the recording studio, experimenting with precise microphone placement and multi-microphone techniques, this passion led me to become engrossed in the search for a polished and professional mix. I believe that music production can enhance or detract from the composer's original vision. Poor audio quality will drive your audience away.

I was drawn to heavy metal as a teenager and my song writing style had a distinct epic and theatrical character that frequently incorporated orchestral elements. So it was no surprise that I would shift my focus completely to cinematic music. I have always had a keen interest in films, not just for their music and sound but also for their story and acting. While at school I was involved with various drama productions and had a few major roles. I appreciate the skill involved in creating believable performances. I enjoy doing impressions so I frequently use my voice acting skills when dialogue is required for a project I am involved with.


Shahin 'Shaz' Ziaie-Fard - RUBRiC, Somnium

"Michael is a very capable composer and sound designer. I have faith in his abilities and gave him creative freedom. He is receptive to your needs and requests but can also bring out an element that you never imagined."

Jared Bartemeyer - Conviction

"This sounds fantastic! Thank you for doing such an incredible job on the score."

Kevin Delgado - Mass Effect: Eclipse

"The music works perfectly. Superb work, my friend."

Mark McClean - Unloughing the Secrets

"Thank you for the music its absolutely brilliant and every bit works really well. Its been a pleasure working with you, I really didn't have to do anything with the music apart from leave you to it."